Surgical Mistake Lawsuits

Wyoming Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Surgical errors are some of the most serious forms of medical malpractice that can cause severe health complications. When Wyoming surgeons and other medical practitioners do not follow the acceptable medical standards or they operate carelessly, a routine procedure can result in tragedy. A surgical mistake can occur before, during or after an operation. Although the surgical staff has established protocols they must follow to prevent serious injuries, these are not always followed. The result can range from a bacterial infection to a surgical instrument left inside the body that requires re-opening.

Elite Injury Attorneys NetworkBecause no results of surgery are guaranteed, all poor surgical outcomes are not necessarily medical malpractice. However, however if your health has suffered because of a preventable surgical error, you have the right to seek compensation. Talk to Elite Injury Attorneys’ Network, LLC. An attorney with experience in surgical mistake lawsuits will review your case and, if it seems credible, he will work to find you a Wyoming medical malpractice attorney to take your case, at no additional cost.

Preventable Surgical Errors

A surgical mistake is not always made by the surgeon. A nurse, radiologist, or anesthesiologist can also make careless errors or deviate from the professional standard during a procedure.

Some examples of surgical mistakes include:

  • Incorrect operation or unnecessary surgery: If a patient’s chart gets mixed up, or there is a miscommunication, an operation may be performed on the wrong body part, or even the wrong patient. If a doctor fails to obtain the appropriate consent, an unnecessary surgery may occur.
  • Surgical tool errors: If the surgeon’s scalpel accidentally cuts an artery or punctures an organ, it could lead to significant blood loss or permanent damage. Incidents of leaving foreign objects such as a sponge inside the body have also occurred, and can cause a severe and life-threatening infection.
  • Anesthesia errors: Any carelessness in administering this powerful medication can have devastating consequences, from paralysis to brain damage to death.
  • Post-operative negligence: If your doctor does perform the necessary post-operative care, such as checking for blood clots, cardiac distress or respiratory issues, it could put your health in jeopardy. A post-operative complication may also be considered a surgical mistake, and grounds for a medical malpractice suit.

If you live in Wyoming and you have been injured by a surgical mistake, please complete the online form and the Elite Injury Attorneys’ Network, LLC will attempt to pair you with a Wyoming medical malpractice attorney to help you recover a fair amount of compensation, if you have a valid malpractice case.