Failure to Diagnose Bacterial Meningitis

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Bacterial meningitis is serious disease characterized by the inflammation of fluid surrounding your brain and spinal cord. An early diagnosis of this illness is critical, because if treatment is not administered promptly, bacterial meningitis can cause permanent damage to the brain, learning disabilities, and ultimately death. Therefore, the failure to diagnosis bacterial meningitis may be considered medical malpractice.

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Common Symptoms of Bacterial Meningitis

One reason bacterial meningitis may be misdiagnosed is because the symptoms are similar to the flu. The classic symptoms of this disease include:

  • Headache
  • Stiff neck
  • Fever and chills
  • Vomiting
  • Fear of or sensitivity to bright lights
  • Confusion
  • Seizures
  • Recent upper respiratory infection (a cold or sore throat, for example)

Properly Diagnosing Bacterial Meningitis

To correctly diagnose bacterial meningitis, your doctor should order specific tests to confirm or dismiss the presence of this disease. Diagnostic tests may include:

  • A throat culture to check for meningitis-causing bacteria
  • X-rays or a CT scan of the skull, chest or sinuses
  • A spinal tap to analyze the fluid around your spine

If you or your child visits the emergency rooms with a high fever, vomiting and fatigue and the doctor sends you home without performing the diagnostic tests, bacterial meningitis could be overlooked. This disease can be deadly in as little as 24 hours if the appropriate antibiotics are not administered.

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